Awesome supplement

Carmen Rodriguez

Apart from being the only multivitamin shot in the market it is by far the best tasting turmeric shot.

Rohit Shanker

This is by far the best turmeric drink in the market, plus it has all the vitamins. Awesome job


This is the best tasting turmeric drink that I have tried! I can’t wait to share these with my family.


I’m an avid runner and after long races like a half marathon, by body is so sore that recover takes forever. I took this right after the last half I ran, and the next day was barely sore at all. This stuff is amazing and I recommend it to everyone.

Laura Castellitto

Started turmeric several months ago and I am so happy with the results. Won’t go without it now


I wasn’t sure what to expect and thought it might be potent as a shot, but I really enjoyed it! It was a subtle and refreshing flavor I would definitely get again!


Having purchased many turmeric products over the years for arthritis, this drink supplement is pleasant tasting and has offered me great anti- inflammatory results!


I have suffered from chronic back pain and recovering from knee surgery . I started taking this and I had noticed an improvement in just 3 days , I was moving better and no longer had the day end pain . I love this product !


It was very flavorful and the perfect size. I enjoyed it and could see myself drinking it daily. Very tasty!


Tastes great and very convenient to put in my gym back for after my workout!

Sara L

I have been using Ayurvedic herbs and products for the past 10 years or more and I can say that this line of wellness drinks is by far the best tasting of anything I’ve tried. It is also amazing how much nutrition is in a single bottle. They taste so delicious. Wow… well done!


This vitamin shot tastes amazing, and I love that they are so convenient to travel with and don’t require refrigeration!


I was a little hesitant to try the cinnamon shot as I am not a fan of cinnamon flavored things but I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this one. You can definitely taste the natural cinnamon spice and I think thats what made it so delicious for me! Glad I gave it a try!

Art Cosentino

Fabulous product..
The cinnamon and fenugreek drink suppressed my appetite for the whole day. I could just go on without feeling dizzy or tired or hungry.
Great drink. Works great for me.


I liked this supplement because it is all natural and pleasant tasting. After reading about the benefits of cinnamon spice, I researched various products and Three Hermits is my favorite.


Simple and effective, keeps my energy level up all day and I love the refreshing taste, with a bonus of a multivitamin supplement.


What I enjoyed about this is that it doesn’t taste like artificial cinnamon — it tastes like real cinnamon! I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it!



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