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At Three Hermits, we’re all about three things. Hand-picked, wholesome ingredients, enhancing your day-to-day, and most importantly, empowerment.

Feel Good. Do Good. Be Good.

Three Hermits uses time-tested ingredients to provide natural supplements to a growing plant-based market.

We believe food is medicine and have made it our mission to preserve the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda by offering a line of remedies which seamlessly fit into a modern lifestyle.

Boost your everyday

Coming from the world of Ayurveda and yoga, natural remedies are a way of life for us. The practice of using plants as medicine has been our family tradition for four generations, including my great-grandfather who crafted his own medicines before becoming an Ayurvedic doctor and opening a pharmacy in a small town in northern India.

The pharmacy is now operating as a manufacturing pharmacy in the same town where it started. The mission to provide health and healing to others has been a collective pursuit for us — it’s what we love to do!

Unlock the world’s best ingredients

The Three Hermits are myself, my husband, and my son, and we are constantly looking for healthy options! As a family, we have always used plant-based ingredients as an integral part of our daily routine and we understand how the mind and body benefit from doing so. My husband and I have been in the ingredient business for over ten years, supplying natural and organic products to a large market, so it was only natural for us to develop a line of Ayurvedic products which embody and deliver ancient medicinal traditions.

We think eating healthy should be light, fun, and packed with good energy! All of our products are superior in quality, time-tested, and environmentally friendly, values that we live by. We believe that our products will easily become a part of your daily ritual and give you opportunity to truly own your health! And more than anything, we want our products to empower you with a healthy body, an unwavering mind, and a loving heart.