Get all of your daily vitamins in every bottle!

Announcing the Launch of Three Hermits!

Three Hermits is the latest entrant to the functional beverage space and we are super excited to announce the launch of our products.

We are introducing three shots that are each formulated to improve the way your body feels every day. The Three Hermit shots are complete in itself to take care of your daily multivitamin and mineral requirements.

So, here are the superfoods we handpicked for you:

#1. Turmeric and Nirgundi:

Helps inflammation in your body
Helps aches and pains.
A great post workout drink.

#2. Cinnamon and Fengreek:

Help weight management
Regulates insulin

#3. Moringa and Ashwagangha:

Boosts immune system
Improves overall vitality

Here, we have combined the goodness of an age old science called Ayurveda by using three very potent Ayurvedic ingredients, namely; Nirgundi, Fenugreek and Ashwagandha and blended it with Turmeric, Cinnamon and Moringa, respectively to give you a very potent and complete daily beverage.

Last but not least:

These drinks do not need any refrigeration before opening the bottle, so it’s very easy to carry around and store.

We hope you will enjoy our products and make it a part of your daily regimen in order to derive maximum benefit from it.