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According to the ancient Vedic seers, there are three basic forces in existence and the first is a principle of energy that gives movement, velocity, direction, animation, and motivation. These plays of forces which are continually changing and interacting are called Prana. Prana literally

Just like breathing, all energy flows in ebbs, similarly to inhalation and exhalation. The ancient seers perceived the energy of the universe as the manifestation of Prana, ever seeking greater awareness, freedom, and creative

You may have experienced this in your own life in moments of flow, or “flow state” as its so often called, when energy seems to be flowing organically through you and you may even experience having creative insights or bursts.

Energy is a wavelength that all of nature and life is pulsing with.

The second of these forces is a principle of light, radiance, and transformation. According to Vedic knowledge, behind all life is a principle of perception, a transparency that manifests as intelligence and consciousness.

The third of these forces is a principle of cohesion that allows for consistency and a common unity. This force is an interlinking of the forces into a single rhythm, one of great harmony. This cohesiveness is not only a chemical property but it reveals a conscious intent: it manifests the power of love, Prema.

Love is the real force that holds all things together, binding them in rhythm and harmony, in radiant light.

The energetic principle of life is love.

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