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Plant-Based Summertime Cures

A Y U R V E D A + R E M E D I E S

Let’s face it, the summertime heat can be intense. There are natural ways to attend to things such as insect bites or insect stings.When we are bitten by, say, an ant, what occurs underneath the skin is what Ayurveda would call an increase in Pitta. As long as the venom of the insect remains, it may keep on creating reactions or swelling. Please see a doctor if any stings or bites are severe or produce unbearable pain and inflammation as this could be an aggressive species of insect.


As soon after a bite as you can, sip on cilantro juice. Place a handful in a blender with about ⅓ cup of water, blend thoroughly, then strain it. Drink the juice and apply the pulp directly to the affected area. This will instantly pacify the itching and burning sensation.

Healing Paste

Mix together ½ teaspoon of sandalwood powder plus ½ teaspoon turmeric with sufficient water to make a paste then apply it topically to the site of the sting or bite.

Coconut Ash

Because coconut is a good source both for antihistamines and for natural steroids, you may apply coconut ash to the site of the bite or sting for relief. Take a piece of dried coconut and set fire to it using a lighter or match. It will catch on fire like wax; let it burn for about ½ an inch and then blow it out. There will be a little smoke and when the smoke disappears, a black residue will remain Apply that residue directly to the bite site.

Source: The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies, by Vasant Lad