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Harmony with Nature

A Y U R V E D A + N A T U R E

While we cannot control the weather or our genetics, what we can control is how we live dayto-day. Our living habits and choices will either build up our health, vitality, and resistance to
disease, or we will let ourselves down. The question is how does one decide how to live? Are our habits conditioned from our parents and culture? Or are we actively choosing what is best for our own individual selves? If you do decide to take control of your lifestyle and structure new, healthier habits, what principles will guide you?

According to Ayurveda, you can’t go wrong if you strive to live your life in harmony with Mother Nature. Ayurveda flourished in a civilization vastly different from modern life today, a world in which human life was intimately intertwined with the life and rhythm of nature. The great rhythms and forces of nature — the alternation of day and night, the cycles of seasons — all affect us, as do the inevitable seasons and cycles of life, birth, growth, aging, and death.

Through the plants we eat as food, the water we drink, the air we breathe in common with all beings, we are inextricably one with nature.

The sages who unfolded the wisdom of Ayurveda noticed this and realized that the key to proper health was to become in harmony with nature. Thus, the ideal Ayurvedic daily routine is based on patterns of nature.
Being in tune with nature also means being in tune with your nature. This means being in tune with how you are built mentally, emotionally, and physically. Sleep, food, exercise, sexual activity, and climate are all taken into consideration when assessing what is best for oneself.

Living in accordance with nature and natural law means continually balancing our inner ecology by adjusting to our ever-changing environment.